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Can Hearing Protection Prevent Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a condition that many people experience in their lifetimes. It can be as a result of an illness, noise exposure or even aging. But there are also ways to prevent hearing loss! In this blog post, you will see the top tips for preventing hearing loss. How Can You Get Hearing Loss? […]

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What are ITC Hearing Aids?

If you are due to have a hearing aid installed, you will need to make sure you are having the correct one fitted. There are many factors that go into choosing the right hearing aid, and this is something that you will be able to work out with the help of your audiologist when the […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

How to Find an Audiologist

Hearing loss is a common condition, impact millions of Americans. If you are experiencing hearing loss, visiting an audiologist is an essential step in getting the diagnosis and treatment you need. Finding the right audiologist is an important step in this journey, which can be easily completed using one of these simple three ways. Internet […]

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Do Hearing Aids Require Daily Care?

If you have a hearing aid, it is your personality to make sure that it is cared for and looked after correctly. Hearing aids have transformed the lives of people all around the world. However, they need good care and maintenance to ensure that they continue to function as effectively as they should and that […]