Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

When hearing devices break down, wearers have multiple options to remedy the issue. Professional Hearing Solutions helps with the maintenance and repair of hearing aids and hearing device accessories. Healthy hearing is important, so audiologists provide speedy repair services as necessary.

Why do hearing aids break?

Hearing devices and accessories are built to take on a lot of punishment. If hearing aids develop issues, minor repair will usually restore them back to their default state. Usually, breakage happens during accidental events. This could be a trip through the washing machine or a splash in the pool.

Leaving hearing devices out in the open puts them in danger of being abused by children or pets. And when the devices are knocked on the floor, a vacuum will have no trouble sucking them up. All of these examples are worst-case scenarios when it comes to device breakage. Natural breakage due to hardware age or malfunction is a likelier occurrence.


Weekly maintenance is a great way to slow down and prevent normal wear and tear. Hearing aids with light maintenance will last longer, and will always have better optimization. The hearing aid care booklet will point to notable routines to extend the life of the device. Along with the book, audiologists will provide tips to help care for the new device.

Proper tools should always be used when cleaning hearing aids. When ear wax accumulates in and around the device, using the wrong cleaning tools will damage the hardware. If cleaning tools aren’t provided with the original hearing aids, ask an audiologist about purchasing a care kit. The kit will usually include a cloth, wax pick and other indispensable tools.

Repair options

When home maintenance and troubleshooting fail, an in-office repair is the next option. Our clinic can handle repairs onsite for hearing aids and their accessories. Onsite repairs can typically be completed on the same day, and are based on the severity of damage. When damage exceeds specific limits, the hearing device is sent off to the manufacturer for a full repair.

Our audiologists understand the stress of being without a hearing device, so we have set up temporary hearing aids as an alternative. The specifics of leasing hearing aids are based on the individual, brand needed and availability.