How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid

There are many options for hearing aids, and without the right help it can seem overwhelming. At Professional Hearing Solutions, we are here to help you choose the right hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Depending on your degree of hearing loss, you may need a more powerful hearing aid. Hearing aids with a higher level of technology are often better for those with severe or profound hearing loss because they have more power in them. Another important factor we consider is your lifestyle and what type of listening environments you are in the most. If you live a very active lifestyle and are in busy settings, are on the phone, or in meetings most of the time, then you need a higher level of technology. If you live a more sedentary lifestyle, you stay indoors and have more one-on-one interactions, then you don’t need as powerful of a device.  

We will have a conversation with you about where you spend your time, what your hearing goals are, and what you want to accomplish with hearing aids. Based on this information we will make a recommendation on a hearing aid that we believe will provide you with the best sound quality and will meet all of your individual hearing needs.