Cognitive Screenings

Hearing loss can be difficult to identify, especially if you lost your hearing gradually. You may not believe you have hearing loss because your brain has adjusted to not hearing certain sounds over time. One of the most common signs of hearing loss is if your loved ones are telling you to see a hearing professional. Some other signs that you may have hearing loss include:  

  • You frequently ask people to repeat themselves 
  • You have a difficult time hearing people on the other end of the phone
  • It’s hard to understand people in noisy environments
  • You turn the TV volume up louder than usual
  • Women’s and children’s voices are difficult for you to understand
  • You can hear someone talking but you can’t understand what they are saying  

If you have noticed yourself doing any of the signs above, then you should come in for a hearing evaluation. Our hearing evaluations are risk-free, so call us today.