Why Is A Hearing Test Important?

young child smiling during a hearing test

Have you ever been for a hearing test? Maybe you went once or twice as a child, but you haven’t visited an audiologist since? And maybe now you’re curious about whether or not a hearing test would be right for you? Well, it’s often encouraged for people under the age of 60 to get their hearing checked once every 10 years – over this age, it’s recommended that you get your hearing tested every three to four years.

As such, this could be the perfect time to get your hearing tested, as knowing how healthy your level of hearing is key to maintaining your wellbeing in the long term. And that’s just one reason why a hearing test is important; if you doubt just how essential a hearing test is to stay in touch with your overall health, here are the main reasons this evaluation can be so beneficial.

Catching hearing issues early

A hearing test is often most important due to its ability to catch hearing issues during an early stage. Preventing a hearing issue from becoming a bigger problem is one of the best things someone can do for their ears, and it’ll also make addressing any hearing care needs a lot simpler.

To practice this proactive care, as soon as a person notices a change in their hearing, it’s best to book a test. Any hearing-related worries can be addressed, and as explained below, a form of treatment can also be recommended.

Ruling out further medical issues

Some hearing issues are caused by an underlying medical diagnosis. If a person is unaware of the medical history in their family, it can be hard to anticipate any health problems from arising in the future, but having a hearing problem come on can be an obvious sign.

As such, a hearing test can help them to explore this potentiality by investigating all likely causes behind a hearing loss issue. Most hearing tests also last no longer than an hour, with most being carried out in under 30 minutes, meaning you can be in and out in an afternoon knowing a bit more about your overall health.

Giving you peace of mind

One of the most beneficial effects of having a hearing test is how it can give someone peace of mind over their hearing. Knowing that your hearing is at a level that’s typical for your age group can be a weight off for a lot of people.

Similarly, keeping an eye on the way it changes over time can better inform a person on the changes they might need to make within their lifestyle. Indeed, a hearing test gives a person much more control over this essential sense, and can uplift their wellbeing in the long term.

Getting treatment started in good time

Of course, if a person undergoes a hearing test on a regular basis, any hearing issues can be addressed as soon as possible. This allows treatment to be administered in good time, and can prevent the problem from getting any worse. And many forms of treatment can be used to address hearing loss issues, but the most common form is that of hearing aids.

Getting a hearing aid fitted in good time allows a person much more opportunity to experiment with different styles, such as in the canal (ITC) and behind the ear (BTE). And if hearing loss symptoms are addressed early enough, a person can get back to their normal, day-to-day life without much more disruption.

Book your hearing test

So, if you haven’t visited an audiologist in quite a few years’ time, now’s the perfect opportunity for you to book your hearing test. Having one done is totally non-invasive, and you can be in and out of one of our testing rooms in 20-30 minutes. Our audiologists specialize in ensuring a hearing test is done to a high standard and takes your needs and opinions into account throughout the process.

And if you would like to book a hearing test, feel free to call us here at Professional Hearing Solutions at (386) 478-7345 to book your appointment. In doing so, you can also receive any advice before your hearing test that’ll help you settle in. No matter what questions you have, we’ll be able to answer them, and we’re always here to take your call.