Signs You Should Get a Hearing Test

senior getting a hearing test from audiologist

The modern world continues to serve up opportunities for humans to have a fuller, richer and more rewarding experiences for us all. However, along with that, there are also some new and interesting ways that we can cause damage to our overall health, and this extends to our auditory system, as well.

Often thought of as a problem that only impacts the older generations, this falsity has meant that an increasing number of young people are developing significant problems with their hearing.

Clearly, hearing deterioration does have an impact on us as we get older, with around 15% of American adults experiencing hearing issues at some point in their lives.

So how do you recognize the signs that tell you it’s time to see an audiologist?

We’re going to unpack a few of them.

Of course, nothing should replace the guidance of your primary health practitioner or audiologist, so check in with them before making any decisions about your treatment or diagnosis. We should also note that these signs can apply to anyone at any age, so keep that in mind if you suspect that one of your children is experiencing difficulty hearing.

The television or radio’s sound needs to be turned up all the time

This is one of the easiest signs that all may not be well with your or a loved one’s hearing, because by extension, the television, music and our devices are such a major part of our lives. Casually needing the sound turned up is neither here nor there, but when these requests become more frequent and especially when everyone around can hear the source just fine, it’s time to be checked.

Problems understanding and following conversations

When you or your loved one needs to constantly ask people to repeat themselves, it could mean they’re experiencing difficulty hearing the conversation. A sure sign that challenges in hearing exist is when it becomes difficult to understand people talking when there is background noise.

Noticing neck movements

This is especially true in younger children who might not yet be able to express themselves fully. Should you notice that your child (or an older loved one) is having to twist their neck towards where the sound is coming from so that they can be best placed to try and absorb all the sound or conversation around them.

Not answering the phone or responding to the doorbell

Cell phone ringtones can be set to all sorts of volumes and sounds, so if you notice that calls are going unanswered when the phone is nearby or if it takes a long time before a doorbell gets answered, these are clear signs that a visit to the Audiologist is on the cards. Common sounds that require a response are some of the most familiar noises we have, so not responding to them is telling.

Feeling tired after conversations

No matter how taxing the participants, conversations should rarely leave one feeling physically exhausted. If this is something that is happening regularly, it could mean that you’ve been trying to read lips, constantly changing your location to be closer to the person speaking takes a physical toll on one’s body, so this is a certain sign that a visit to an Audiologist is on the cards.

Then, it’s also worth noting that your overall history when it comes to maintaining good auditory health, is also an indicator of possible problems you may face in the future. If you’ve been a regular festival goer and didn’t take precautionary measures to protect your ears, you could experience difficulty maintaining solid hearing ability as you age. 

With that being said, even younger people are facing challenges with their hearing. The constant use of AirPods or earphones can have a terrible impact on the quality of your hearing. The bacteria in your ear is increased exponentially every hour that one wears one of these devices.

Memory loss is also a potential indicator of hearing challenges and it’s one of the less known signs to look out for. Links have been made between hearing loss, memory loss and dementia. Still, in the context of hearing health, it’s thought that when people start experiencing hearing loss, they can also isolate themselves from social situations causing reduced brain activity stimulation.

Overall, a good hearing test performed by an Audiologist every three years or so is highly encouraged. As always, early detection means there is a greater diversity of possible solutions.

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