3 High-Tech Features Of Modern Hearing Aids

hand holding a pile of various hearing aid styles

Today’s hearing aids are much more than the simple amplification devices that dominated the market just a few decades ago. Modern hearing aids are packed with high-tech features, including technology to detect speech, digital signal processing and Bluetooth connectivity. These sophisticated hearing aids can even be controlled by voice commands or connected to an app on your smartphone.

And as technology continues to evolve, new smart hearing aid features are coming soon. Here are just a few of the latest innovations in this field, mainly for in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids.

Speech Enhancement Programs

With today’s hearing aids, filters have been developed to specifically detect speech. Most hearing aids are now equipped with advanced speech enhancement programs that allow you to hear people talking in any environment – whether you’re in a crowded room or enjoying an outdoor activity. These programs use noise reduction to reduce background noise so you can hear the person speaking more clearly. They also use directional microphones to focus on the person speaking to you. This feature is especially beneficial if several people are speaking at once or if you’re in a noisy environment.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some hearing aids can pair directly with a Bluetooth-enabled collar, streamer or other device to send the sound directly to the hearing-impaired ear. This doesn’t just make for wire cutting like it does in headphones. It mainly means the battery life of the hearing aids will last significantly longer, as the majority of the stress on the device can be offloaded to a phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

It also allows for more flexibility, tailoring the hearing aid controls for each ear with amplification and equalization. And it can allow the hearing aids to connect to multiple devices, which allows for flexibility with the hearing aids themselves.

The latest hearing aids are equipped to work with your smartphone or tablet. These devices allow you to stream music, get directions and take phone calls – all from your hearing aid. You can even control the volume of your hearing aid using a smartphone app. The app will also allow you to adjust the settings of your device and make adjustments right on the spot.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are two of the newest features coming to the tech world, including hearing aids. Like other smart devices, these hearing aids will be able to learn more as people use them, getting smarter as time goes on. They will have the ability to recognize different voices and sounds, even differentiating between voices when there are multiple people in the same room.

AI-enabled hearing aids can also be programmed to respond to specific sounds or utterances, such as lowering the volume when you say, I’m leaving now. Some hearing aid manufacturers are also working on combining AI with other technology to create hearing aids that can take in and process sound than ever before. This is especially beneficial for people who are using Bluetooth-enabled sets, meaning they can let the technology train to better serve their daily use habits according to their own inputs. The power of the technology can also mean that you can go out to a concert or other noisy event without your hearing aids and still hear what’s going on just as well as you would at a quieter event.

As these devices become more advanced, there are several things they may be able to do one day: they could recognize different voices and adjust their amplification accordingly. For example, if you have multiple family members in the same room and someone speaks up, your hearing aid could lower the volume from that voice while increasing it from others.

While modern hearing aids still have their roots in the hearing aids of yesteryear, they are far more than just amplifiers. Today’s hearing aids feature high-tech features, including speech enhancement programs and Bluetooth and app-controlled remote control. And as new technology emerges, even more advanced features are coming soon.

The power of the tech revolution has never been easier to access. If you have hearing loss, staying on the cutting edge means an easier time making your hearing aids work for you. So, if you’re in the market for a new hearing aid, don’t be afraid to ask your audiologist about the most advanced options available. Reach out to Professional Hearing Solutions at (386) 478-7345 for a perfect first step in exploring your options.