What Level of Hearing Loss Requires the Use of a Hearing Aid?

two patients selecting new hearing aids

If someone has ever asked you to repeat yourself when you are in a busy restaurant, but they can hear you fine when you are in a car, then this can be a sign that they have hearing loss. It’s important to understand that there is a very wide spectrum when it comes to hearing loss, and there’s a large difference between profound hearing loss and normal hearing loss. Sound is measured in decibels, and the more sounds you cannot hear, the greater your hearing loss is.

Normal Hearing

Most adults have a normal level of hearing. If you believe that you do, then this means that you can hear whatever is expected of you. You will be able to hear friends who are talking to you, and you can also hear someone whispering to you when you are just a couple of feet away. With normal hearing, it’s important to know that you can hear these sounds but people with hearing loss cannot. This could include the sound of people breathing, leaves in the wind or even flies buzzing.

Mild Hearing Loss

Some people who have very mild hearing loss may not have any idea that they do in fact have an issue. They may still be able to hear what they have heard when they had average hearing and they may be able to hear quieter sounds if they place themselves closer to the source or if they turn up the volume. If you have mild hearing loss, then you may not be able to hear people when they whisper, the hum of the fridge, water in a stream or anything else of the sort.

Moderate Hearing Loss

If you have moderate hearing loss, then you may find that you miss out on the sounds that you might have heard in the past. If you really pay attention, then you may only hear silence even though you know that in the past you have been able to hear soft sounds. If you do have moderate hearing loss, then you may not be able to hear people who are working in a quiet office or the sound of rain. You might not also be able to hear the coffee machine or similar sounds.

Moderate-to-Severe hearing Loss

Some people who do have moderate hearing loss tend to have a hard time hearing their friends and their family. This can make them find it hard to be part of social events. If you have moderate or severe hearing loss, then you may find that you cannot hear people when they talk at a normal volume, and you won’t be able to hear the sound of a dishwasher running either. You may find that the sound of people laughing doesn’t really reach your ears as well as it should and this can greatly impact your life.

Severe Hearing Loss

Those who have hearing loss may find that they end up missing out on things in their lives that they would have liked to hear, such as the sound of laughter or even the sound of their grandkids talking. They may also feel inclined to turn up the volume in the room so that they can hear the sound of their TV show. If you happen to have this level of hearing loss, then you may not be able to hear the doorbell ringing, the sound of traffic or even a vacuum cleaner.

If you have any form of hearing loss, then you need to try and talk to your audiologist. When you do, you can then count on them to help you pinpoint the sounds that you can hear as well as the sounds that you are unable to. They can also help you to have a hearing aid fitted if this is what you feel you need. They can also help you to find out ways of managing your hearing loss so that you can have a fuller sense of enjoyment from your life. You’ll be able to hear the sounds you love, once more.

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