Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance is an important part of owning a heading aid. When home repair fails, in-office repair will provide much-needed assistance. When the damage is serious, a manufacturer repair is requested. During the repair period, the use of loaner hearing aids may be discussed.

Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

When the programming is finished for the hearing device, the hearing aid dispensing and fitting appointment is scheduled. Before being worn, the devices go through their final adjustments. The audiologist present for the fitting will ask essential questions about the feel, sound and comfort of the hearing aids.

Evaluation for Hearing Aids

Getting evaluated for hearing aids is a big step in hearing loss treatment. Every device is built differently, and each has its own set of pros, cons and features. Audiologists will go over available options and make recommendations. But the final choice is always up to what the patient feels comfortable with.